It’s funny, the way being a nation has affected the three you differently. 

Such different histories, despite your intertwined pasts. Each of you have chosen a path, a way of dealing when the full implications of what you have done weighs heavy on your hearts. Different paths for different pasts.

The one in denial. Refusing to believe that you were ever defeated, that your once invincible country was ground into the dust covering your history books. You laugh and call yourself “awesome” and pretend that you’re still an essential player on the world stage, because you need to be needed. But deep in your heart, you know. You remember the pain of isolation. The fear of what will happen now that your reason to live is gone grows greater with each moment. You need attention. Reasons to believe that you are still valued in this day and age. And you can do that by acting like an idiot. People may hate you for it, but they are paying you attention. And that is all you need to survive.

You live in the past.

The one who wants to forget. People call you oblivious. They call you an airhead idiot. And you don’t care. You brush it off easily. You’re not worried what other people think of you, because people can think what they want. You’re obsessed with the little things in life now, of trying to bring cheer to people’s lives to make up for what you have done. Yes, you were cheerful back in those days, too. But you didn’t realise the implications of your actions. And now you look back on what you achieved, what you lost, and you realise with a sinking heart that you don’t want to remember. You don’t want to think about it. You don’t want to plan for the future, in case you end up repeating your mistakes. Because power was what you wanted, and you don’t know what to want anymore. 

You live in the present.

The one who is grateful. You alone of your friends stand tall. You have had your fair share of losses through the years. You have been ridiculed, you have lost countless battles throughout your entire history, and yet here you remain. Stronger than countries that seemed unbeatable at the time. You hold your place as one of the major nations in Europe, and you are undeniably proud. Oh, but you remember the old days, too. You remember the day she died for you. You remember the storming of the Bastille, the slice of the guillotine as it ended your royal line. You remember when you were unable to defend your capital within the last century. You know very well what it is like to feel humiliation and despair. And yet here you are. After all these years, you are still standing tall. And you very much hope to stay that way in the years to come.

You live in the future.

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